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(:)sellest et te kirjutada ei oska

sellest et te kirjutada ei oska pole midagi, alati võib katsetada lugemise alal, eriti võika veerimis elamuse saab käepäraste vahenditega, lugege järjest kaks nimetatud raamatut kris moori homefucking… (zanrimääratlus raamat) ja barthol lo mejori popdada… (zanrimääratlus miip), mainitud teoste lugemise järjekord pole oluline, lihtsalt on vaja tähti tunda. täiskomplekti kuulub ka ruitlase romaani naine illustreeritud väljaanne aga sellest mõni teine kord. lihtsalt lugege, algatuseks üks haiku

(:)meremeeste käitumisest

täiskäik edasi
somaalia tüürpoordis
türbel tüürpoordi

moorist kirjutan järgmise raadiokolumni, sest ma lubasin ja loomehoorist teen vikerkaarele sisukokkuvõtte

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Kallis Kivisildnik,maailmas toimuvad väga tõsised ja raskeloomulised asjad...
Mul sulle üks palve:Kas saaksid tõlkida või leiaksid kellegi kes tõlgiks paar raamatut Eesti keelde?
Raamatud on järgmised:
by Wendy Lydall
Vaccination is presented to parents as a safe,scientific procedure,which no responsible parent would query.But an increasing number of parents are questioning the validity of this 200 year old ritual.The vaccine industry has responded to this skepticism by introducing coercive measures in many countries in order to achieve compliance.Since its inception in 1795 by Edward Jenner,vaccination has been an unscientific,commercially-based procedure,which is aligned with powerful pharmaceutical interests.At the same time,
infectious diseases pose a significant threat to the health and well-being of children in all strata of society.Anti-vaccionists make statements which contradict official pronouncements.Some activists make wild claims for alternative methods of disease prevention.How does a parent find a way through the maze of conflicting information? In this book Wendy Lydall presents a comprehensive,scientifically-based
guide tothe myths,facts,problems and solutuions associated with raising a vaccine free child.

Meie lapsepõlves pandi meile
vaid paar vaktsiini aga nüüdsel ajal iirimaal pannakse lastele 21 !!!!!! 21 vaktsiini!!!
Veel asjast:

At the Informed Parent we think you are entitled to the independent information that will help you make up your own mind.

The Informed Parent newsletter
aims to help you make an educated decision and also presents you with a broader view as regards to understanding health and illness.So subscribe today and get informed!
tel:01903 212969
The Informed Parent,PO Box 4481,Worthing,W.Sussex,BN11 2WH,UK
Järgmise raamatu tutvustus järgmises kommentaaris.
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Teine raamat...
Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World
by Dr Sarah Lantz,PhD
Joshua Books,Qld,Australia,2008
ISBN 978-0-9805473-2-0(233pp tpb)
You´d think twice about buying particular personal care products,clothing,toys and foods if you knew the impact they would have on you and your children.Dr Sarah Lantz,a Brisbane-based mother and a researcher with a background in organic chemistry,public health and sociology,lays the truth on the line in Chemical Free Kids.
She firmly believes in conscious,compassionate parenting and is commited to a living,organic lifestyle that will be sustanaible over the generations.
Dr Lantz tackles such issues as the impact on the body,what the cosmetic companies of don´t want us to know,what´s really on our dinner tables,the problems with the pharmaceutical approach to treating "disoredered" children,and the toxins that the authorities don´t want us to know
are in vaccines.She refers to scientific studies and statistics,and slams assumptions about product safety and regulation.While her research is Australian-oriented,it has implications for people everywhere.
She closes with 10 pointers for living in wellness in a toxic world,e.g.,making industry responsible for its messes.
An empowering book.
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Kui tohib siis lubagem mul siia kirjutada ka pisut reklaamist...
Ajakirjas adbusters on selline reklaam ja tekst:

Commercial brainwashing is making your students sick.Unbrand them with the Adbusters'Media Empowerment Kit.

Order it online at adbusters.org

We all know that a world littered with flashly advertisements pollutes our mental environment,but the subtle messages inherent in the media we consume can be just as insidious.
A recent study goes to show how vulnerable our subconscious mindscape really is.Twenty subjects were each shown 20 different photographs of people and asked to focus on the models' facial expression.Without their knowing it,the subjects were actually being tested on the effectiveness of product placement.Some of the subjects looked at photographs that included a bottle of Dasani water,while some looked at Dasani images.When they finished looking at the photographs,the subjects were offered a bottle of water from a selection of four brands.Only 17 percent of people who had looked at Dasani-free
photograps chose that brand,while 40 percent of the people who had looked at images with Dasani water chose the brand.To ensure the integrity of the study,anyone who had conciosly noticed the Dasani bottles in the images was eliminated.

Based on Rob Walker's
"The Brand-ness of Strangers,"
New York Times Magazine,Nov.14

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taat ütles ...

mine vittu sa ennetaja oma võõrkeelsete tapeetidega !!
tee maakeeles ja kolme lausega !
ok .. kolmeteistkümne
ja kui ei oska, pane end põlema ...
kas ilma sinuta veel vähe neid võrguruumi risustajaid ... rskmatlen

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Kui sinu ajumaht on kokku kuivanud ja sa ei mõista inglise keelt siis võta appi inglise keele tõlk,ning tee mõnda joogat mis parandab su ajutegevust.)))
Neid kolme sõnaga kommentaare pole kellegile vaja...igal normaalsel inimesel on alati palju öelda...
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Vigade parandus.
Kolme lausega kommentaare

Kolme lausesga ei saa keegi oma arvamust avaldada...kolm lauset on liiga vähe...
Ja mida sa vihastad?
Võta joo suhkruvett ja rahune maha.)))
Vargad ahju!

Valkyrie ütles ...
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Ära sa siis risusta.

Kallis Kivisildnik!
Leidsin jälle ühe väga tähtsa raamatu.)))

Raamatu nimi on:
How lies become news
Autor: Alexandra Kitty
Raamat on saadaval Dublini raamatukogus.)))
Selles paksus raamatus on tohutult palju näiteid meedias tehtava
ajupesu-pööbli peedistamise kohta...
On välja toodud väga palju artikleid ja uudiseid ning nende tagamaad lahti seletatud...
Seda nii USA põhjal ja vast ka muudest maadest on toodud näiteid.
Kui selline raamat ilmuks Eestis
siis pööbel saaks aru mikspärast nad on tüdinud elust ja muidugi ka poliitikast,ning kes on tekitanud või põhjustanud nende orjapõlve...
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Leidsin ka ühe hea ajakirja.)))

Namaste is magazine that gives you the opportunity to take a vider view,bring you the news the mainstream media WON´T,give you health information the
pharma-cartels HIDE and the medical profession may not even know.We will endeavour to reveal what our politicians DARE NOT.
Can we spot media disinformation or a hidden agenda?
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We ask:Have humans made progress-have we truly evolved? Are you happy with the theories proferred so far?
Compulsory education has only served to increase our ignorance and fragment our minds.Film reviews,poetry,humour and an extensive mail order section with specialised titles and products completes the profile.
Available from:Border Book stores and other independent book/health stores in the UK.
Subscribe on line or by mail:
4 Issues per volume,£20 per annum.
Cheques to:Namaste Publishing,
PO Box 127,
Shrewsbury,SY3 7WS.
England Tel:01743 341303
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Jah...nad ei oska sellest kirjutada ja varjavad palju asju...
Näiteks seda kuidas omal käel valmistada tuulegeneraatorit mis katab oma pere elektri vajadused...
Vaata www.power4home.com
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räägi lähemalt millalja mix sinujuures läbiotsimine oli?