esmaspäev, aprill 09, 2007

(:) täna hullumaja puhvetis - lindepuu

täna kell 18.30
hullumaja puhvetis
(maise aadressiaga teatrikohvikus)
hendrik lindepuu

eelmisel nädalal
kuulati üle veiko belials
täna annab lindepuu aru
miks poola kirjanus
nii kuradi hea on

3 kommentaari:

kivisildnik ütles ...

r. a. lafferty puutub asjasse niipalju et jutu ugly see algus on üks parimaid asju mida ma üldse lugenud olen

Bibi Pilvre ütles ...

.........järelikult ropendatakse seal roppu moodi!

kivisildnik ütles ...

katoliikliku kirjansõna tundmises on märgatavid puudujääke, kõlvaldan selle puuduse:


"The sea is ugly," said Sour John, "and it's peculiar that I'm the
only one who ever noticed it. There have been millions of words written on
the sea, but nobody has written this. For a time I thought it was just my
imagination, that it was only ugly to me. Then I analyzed it and found that
it really is ugly.
"It is foul. It is dirtier than a cesspool; yet men who would not
willingly bathe in a cesspool will bathe in it. It has the aroma of an open
sewer; yet those who would not make a pilgrimage to a sewer will do so to
the sea. It is untidy; it is possibly the most untidy thing in the world.
And I doubt if there is any practical way to improve it. It cannot be
drained; it cannot be covered up; it can only be ignored.
"Everything about it is ignoble. Its animals are baser than those of
the land. Its plant life is rootless and protean. It contaminates and wastes
the shores. It is an open grave where the living he down with dead."
"It does smell a little, Sour John, and it is untidy. But I don't
think it's ugly. You cannot deny that sometimes it is really beautiful."
"I do deny it. It has no visual beauty. It is monotonous, with only
four or five faces, and all of them coarse. The sun and the sky over it may
be beautiful; the land that it borders may be fair; but the old sewer itself
is ugly."
"Then why are you the only one who thinks so?"
"There could be several reasons. One, that I've long suspected, is
that I'm smarter than other people...